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07.02.2024New high-tech instrument for the nanospectroscopy research of Sebastian Heeg

Sebastian Heeg, junior research group leader at the Department of Physics and member of IRIS Adlershof, has now officially opened two laboratories. The centrepiece is the Porto Nanoscope from the Brazilian tech start-up FabNS, which was delivered in November 2023 after a two-year wait.

FabNS has thus set a milestone, as Brazil, which has historically been dependent on foreign technology, is now taking a different direction and starting to export cutting-edge scientific instruments itself. This freedom between import and export puts Brazil in a protagonist position in global technology. Sebastian Heeg's working group will be able to provide the start-up with valuable feedback as its first customer within the framework of a development partnership.

The Porto Nanoscope images the structure of nanomaterials using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. This enables a 1,000-fold magnification compared to conventional microscopes and thus a resolution of structures in the sub-nanometre range. This allows the surfaces of 2D materials such as graphene, a layer of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms, to be analysed. Understanding and modifying the properties of 2D materials on these smallest length scales will be used in future for nanoscale photodetectors, flexible displays and transistors.

Sebastian Heeg is enthusiastic about the new measuring device. The Brazilians have created a device with high stability, efficiency and performance. It can do everything he needs for his research: "This system is the best system." The new system will also be available to other scientists, such as the Center for the Science of Materials Berlin (CSMB), for their research.

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