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16.09.2022FAIRmat in the Adlershof Journal

Physics professor Claudia Draxl coordinates the FAIRmat consortium, whose goal is to store not only the final results of materials science publications but also all other measurement data. In the current issue of the Adlershof Journal, she reveals why it is so important for materials researchers to process and exchange their measurement data with each other and what role the predecessor project NOMAD plays in this.

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30.08.2022"Non-Standard Models" - an entertaining and informative Youtube-Channel

Ever wondered how physicists come up with new theories? How were theorists able to predict such complex phenomena, years before they were observed experimentally? Come with us and step into the world of theoretical physics!
Non-Standard Models is a YouTube channel that provides entertaining and informative answers to research questions beyond the Standard Model, like “do extra dimensions exist and why would we need them?” or “what if the Higgs boson is actually a composite particle?”.
This social media project was initiated by the doctoral students of the Research Training Group 2575 "Rethinking Quantum Field Theory". They create the appealing animations themselves and thus make the explanations easy to understand for physics students, but also for interested laypeople. It launched  at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2022 in Berlin, and in the future further interviews with PIs and doctoral candidates of the GRK will appear.

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08.08.2022 "Integrability, dualities and deformations" conference at IRIS Adlershof

Last week the second edition of the conference "Integrability, dualities and deformations" took place at IRIS Adlershof. This conference brought together 75 expert theoretical physicists working on integrable models, worldsheet dualities, non-commutative field theory, and the gauge/gravity correspondence, to discuss the latest developments in their fields, find new connections between these related areas, and share exciting insights. In addition to 18 great talks, you could find participants excitedly discussing their computations in various spots around and in front of the IRIS building until late each day. The talks were also livestreamed to YouTube, and recordings of the individual talks will be made available in the coming weeks.
For more details see the conference website:

02.08.2022"Modeling Materials at Realistic time Scales via Optimal Exploitation of Exascale Computers and Artificial Intelligence" Workshop and Hands-on Tutorial successfully completed

Prof. Matthias Scheffler opens the joint workshop and hands-on tutorial

During the week of 25-29 July, the successful workshop and hands-on tutorial on Modeling Materials at Realistic time Scales via Optimal Exploitation of Exascale Computers and Artificial Intelligence took place. The event was hosted by IRIS Adlershof and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and was a collaboration between them and the Pritzker School of the University of Chicago, CECAM, NOMAD, ECAM and MICCOM.

During the first three days from 25 to 27 July, leading experts from various fields gave talks on computational applications and related artificial intelligence methods in relation to advances in materials science. On the evenings of 25 and 26 July, there were dinners with poster sessions for further scientific and collective exchange. The afternoon of 27 July was followed by an excursion to a graffiti tour at Teufelsberg followed by dinner.
The 28th and 29th of July were then used for tutorials with hands-on examples focusing on the simulation of molecular dynamics.

01.08.2022Dr. Sven Rammelow was awarded an Eistein Junior Fellowship

The experimental physicist and head of the Emmy Noether junior research group "Nonlinear Quantum Optics", Dr. Sven Ramelow, is doing research in the project "Sensors with entangled photons in the middle infrared" at IRIS Adlershof and the Department of Physics of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His approach is based on quantum-based measurements with so-called undetected photons: a new method in which entangled photon pairs are used to collect measurement information in different infrared ranges without using infrared lasers or detectors. The first industry-related applications are already in the development phase with the participation of the researcher.

Sven Ramwlow has now been awarded an Einstein Junior Fellowship by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. We congratulate him warmly and look forward to continued good cooperation.