September 6-9, 2021

Online Workshop of the Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics:
"Applied Mathematics and Simulation for Semiconductors and Electrochemical Systems"

Scope of the workshop

AMaSiS 2021 is an interdisciplinary workshop dedicated to mathematical modeling of semiconductors and electrochemical systems. Due to inherent similarities between both disciplines, AMaSiS explores synergies in mathematical modeling, analysis, numerics, and simulation techniques. The conference brings together experts from applied mathematics, physics, engineering, chemistry, and material science and covers the following topics:
  • electronic structure theory (density functional theory, tight-binding, effective mass models)
  • non-equilibrium thermodynamics and transport theories (drift-diffusion models, heat flow, kinetics, non-equilibrium Green’s functions)
  • mathematical upscaling from quantum mechanics and particle systems to continuum scale (homogenization, asymptotic methods)
  • semiconductor devices (light emitting diodes, transistors, etc.)
  • electrochemical systems (fundamental electrochemistry, batteries, fuel cells, photo-catalysis)

  • Grégoire Allaire (CMAP Paris)
  • Claire Chainais-Hillairet (U Lille 1)
  • Michael Eikerling (FZ Jülich)
  • Ulrike Krewer (KIT-IAM Karlsruhe)
  • Arnulf Latz (DLR-HI Ulm)
  • Matthias Liero (WIAS Berlin)
  • Friedhard Römer (U Kassel)
  • Stefan Schulz (Tyndall)
  • Mira Todorova (MPIE Düsseldorf)
  • Anton van der Ven (U California Santa Barbara)

Participation is free of charge but online registration is required.
You are warmly invited to submit an abstract for a contributed talk or virtual poster by 11 June 2021.