20. Mai 2021

WiNS Remote Workshop: Cathy Sorbara - "Developing Today's Leader"
The transformative events of the past year have shown us that we need equally transformative leadership to help steer us towards a more just and sustainable future. They must inspire, empower, be agile, inclusive and innovative. But how do we cultivate these leadership skills within ourselves and demand it from the leaders around us? The path to becoming a good leader is a long and not always straightforward one. Cathy will share her own experiences learning about and taking on leadership roles in different settings. Together, you will go through practical leadership activities to help you begin your own leadership journey and uncover simple steps to develop and hone your skills.
  • When: May 20th,  1pm - 2:30pm
  • Target Group: female PhD students and postdocs
  • Maximum number of participants: 30
  • About the trainer: Cathy Sorbara is a neuroscientist who worked for 10 years as a researcher in academia in Canada and Germany, studying neurodegenerative diseases. Now, she is involved in several non-profits where she works to establish key project management methodologies as well as develop communication material and workshops to create an impact both locally and globally. Cathy is passionate about helping people and businesses be more sustainable and empowering the voices of women and girls to create a more gender just society.
Please register by May 6, 2021 by e-mail: petra.metz hu-berlin.de
Zoom link shared after registration


2. Juni 2021

Wissenschaft trifft Wirtschaft: Quantentechnologien 

Die von der Humboldt-Innovation und dem Servicezentrum Forschung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin organisierte Veranstaltungsreihe „Wissenschaft trifft Wirtschaft“ bietet Forscher*innen der Universität und Vertreter*innen aus Unternehmen (aber auch der öffentlichen Hand) eine Plattform für einen themenspezifischen Austausch zu anwendungsnaher Forschung. Ziel ist die Initiierung gemeinsamer Projekte.

Expert*innen der Humboldt-Universität stellen aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse vor, während Branchenvertreter*innen Einblicke in die Arbeitspraxis gewähren. Im Anschluss laden wir alle Interessierten dazu ein, sich über die Online-Plattform wonder.me zu vernetzen.

Die Veranstaltung findet am 2. Juni 2021 statt und ist kostenfrei. Dabei steht das Thema Quantentechnologien im Spotlight.



4.-5. Juni 2021

WiNS Summer School 2021 - Light, matter, and life: Why do we see what we see and how do we understand it?

Scope of the workshop
Light-matter interaction is responsible for some of the most appealing effects in the physics of materials, which are also essential for most opto-electronic applications pervading our everyday life. From a fundamental point of view, light-matter interaction is a valuable source of information to understand the microscopic properties of materials on a quantum-mechanical level. We aim to bring together a selected and yet representative number of scientists working at the forefront of research on light-matter interaction in inorganic, organic, and bio-materials. During the two-day workshop under the direction of Prof. Caterina Cocchi (HU/ IRIS Adlershof/ University of Oldenburg) and Dr. Zsuzsanna Heiner (HU/ SALSA), a number of invited speakers with different background will provide their insight on this exciting research topic exchanging ideas with all participants, also through hands- on and group activities. A paramount scope of this event is to establish and strengthen networks of female scientists at any level of career. Topics related to career strategies and personal development will be also part of the program, under the coordination of a professional coach.

Target group
Female scientists of any nationality and level of career, from the 4th semester of study up to group leaders, who are active in physics, chemistry, nano- and materials science, as well as biological disciplines.

Registration costs

The participation is free of charge for the participants.

Deadline for applications: April 15th, 2020