Since 2012 IRIS Adlershof has the IRIS building „Zum Großen Windkanal 6" as a resource, which is in the immediate area of the Humboldt-Universität's Departments of Physics and Chemistry, as well as numerous other innovative institutes and companies in Adlershof’s science and technology park.
Adjacent to this, an IRIS research building is under construction since 2016, which will have approx. 4,500 square meters of highly modern laboratories, offices, and communication areas and therefore optimal conditions for researching and developing hybrid systems in electronics, optoelectronics, and photonics. The building is expected to be ready for move in by mid-2020.

Commission Research Building

This commission is responsible for all matters concerning the research building and its construction. It comprises Prof. Kannan Balasubramanian, Prof. Oliver Benson, Prof. Claudia Draxl, Prof. Stefan Hecht, Prof. Norbert Koch, Prof. Christoph T. Koch (deputy chairperson) and Prof. Emil List-Kratochvil (chairperson).

Key Data IRIS Research Building

Total usable area: approx. 4,500 sq.m for 140 employees
Investment Volume: approx. 47.8 Mio €
Financed by: Federal Republic of Germany and Land of Berlin according to Art.91b Constitutional Law (GG)
Bauherr: Senate's Department of Urban Development of the Land of Berlin for
  IRIS Adlershof of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Design and planning: Nickl & Partner and IDK Kleinjohann

Time Scale

2020 Moving in (planned)
2019 Installation of major instrumentation
2018 Art competition decided
2017 Topping out ceremony
2016 Start of construction
2015 Construction planning
2014 Selection of a preliminary design concept of Nickl & Partner and IDK Kleinjohann
2013 Recommendation of the Science Council (Wissenscahftsrat - WR) and Financing decision of the joint science commission of the federal and state governments (GWK)
2012 Full proposal for IRIS research building submitted to Science Council (Wissenscahftsrat - WR); Start of the Research pro „Gestaltung von Laboren“ in the Cluster of Excellence „Image Knowlegde Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory“
2011 Preliminary proposal for IRIS research building submitted to Science Council (Wissenscahftsrat - WR)
2010 Opening of IRIS Adlershof
2009 Inception of IRIS Adlershof

Construction Progress

Start of construction February 8th, 2016

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Aerial Photos

Geoportal Berlin: Digitale farbige Orthophotos 2017 (Taken on 27.03.2017)

Geoportal Berlin: Digitale farbige Orthophotos 2018 (Taken on 19.03.2018)

Geoportal Berlin: Digitale farbige Orthophotos 2019

Further aerial photos can be seen at

Planning a New Laboratory
Planning a New Laboratory:
The Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences IRIS in Berlin

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