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Pablo Hernández López & Laura Orphal-Kobin, die Nachwuchsvertreter

Juniors representative

The junior scientists of IRIS Adlershof have elected Mrs. Laura Orphal-Kobin as their representative in the IRIS bodies and Mr. Pablo Hernández López as her deputy. Thus, the young scientists are represented in the IRIS general meetings as well as in the IRIS Council with the right to speak, propose and vote.
Laura Orphal-Kobin is a PhD student in the group of Dr. Tim Schröder within the graduate school "Berlin School of Optical Sciences and Quantum Technologies" and is doing research on the optimization of diamond nanostructures.

Pablo Hernández López is a PhD student in the group of Dr. Sebastian Heeg and is doing research on one- and two-dimensional new materials. He is a member of the graduate school "Advanced Materials".


Planed events:

Future events are currently being planned. Please check back later!

Previous events:

02.03.2023: Lively interest at the second IRIS Junior breakfast

Today, at another breakfast with coffee and tea, fruit and bagels, the IRIS junior scientists were able to exchange views on scientific and other topics and get to know each other better. They met in the comfortably furnished common room in the IRIS house. After some appetizing short lectures, there were laboratory tours through the IRIS research building on the subject of materials science, in particular photovoltaics and OLED. Due to the great interest, the scientists were divided into three groups and guided separately through the laboratories. Scientists from the groups of Prof. Koch and Prof. List-Kratochvil showed their workplaces and explained their experiments. The participants from WIAS, HZB and the departments of physics and chemistry could see the instruments and understand how they work.

Dr. Edgar Nandayapa introduces the HyD group and explains solar cell printing.

We would like to thank Pablo and Laura, who organized the whole thing again!

13.12.2022: X-mas party for Junior scientists

On 13.12. the young researchers celebrated a Christmas party at a common room in the IRIS research building. In keeping with the occasion, they were also asked science quiz questions related to Christmas, resulting in many interesting conversations. Of course, Christmas music was also not to be missed. Fortified by stollen and mulled wine, they thus celebrated the holiday season and share their love of science with their colleagues and friends.

24.11.2022: First IRIS juniors breakfast and lab tours session

On Nov 21, 2022 the IRIS junior scientists met for a breakfast and a lab tours session focused on quantum optics.

Pablo Hernández López,  the juniors representative and organizer, explains: "Our colleagues Elisa & Martin (AG Markus Krutzik) and Julian & Jonas (AG Tim Schröder) showed their labs and introduced their fields of research. This event was the first one of a series of lab tours that will continue next year. Thanks to the presenters and to everyone who came. It was great to meet so many new colleagues and to discover some of the very interesting work done at IRIS Adlershof."


List of our Junior Scientists

First Name Last Name Position Supervisor
Doguscan  Ahiboz PostDoc Schröder
Deniz Albayrak Master student Benson
Emily Albert Master student Koch, N.
Ben Alex Master student Draxl
Gloria Alexander Master student Balasubramanian
Ha Anh Tran Master student Bojdys
Marco Arreaga Master student Plefka
Paul Balduf Doctoral student Kreimer
Felix Bär Master student Koch, C. T.
Xavi Barcons Planas Doctoral student Benson
Julian Barrat Doctoral student Plefka
Jannis Barrera Doctoral student Limberg
Kirill Baturin Master Student Balasubramanian
Tim Bechtel Master student Draxl
Fabian Beckmann Doctoral student Limberg
Mohamed Belhassen Doctoral student Schröder
Marko Berghoff PostDoc Kreimer
Gabriel Bliard Doctoral student Forini
Jan Boelke Doctoral student Hecht
Florian Böhm Doctoral student Benson
Roberto Bonezzi PostDoc Hohm
Julian Bopp Doctoral student Schröder
Vasilis Bountris Doctoral student Leser
Alexander Buccheri PostDoc Draxl
David Burmeister Doctoral student Bojdys
David Burmeister Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Stefano Calati Doctoral student Stähler
Goshtasp Cheraghian PostDoc Bojdys
Kylie Chinner Doctoral student Dumele
Jonghoon Choi PostDoc Limberg
Helen M. Chrzanowski PostDoc Ramelow
Antonio Cillis Master student Draxl
Tomas Codina Doctoral student Hohm
José David Cojal González PostDoc Rabe
Luke Corcoran Doctoral student Staudacher
Ilaria Costa Doctoral student Forini
Janardan Dagar PostDoc Unger
Ninon De Mecquenem Doctoral student Leser
Angelika Demling Doctoral student Stähler
Lorena Dhamo Doctoral student Benson
Felipe Diaz Jaramillo Doctoral student Plefka
Patrick Dieu Master student Koch, C. T.
Daniel Duarte-Ruiz Doctoral student Cocchi
Joshua Edzards Master student Cocchi
Sayed M. El-Refaei Doctoral student Pinna
Kristiane Elsner Master student Koch, C. T.
Tim Eppler Master student Dumele
Arik Ermshaus Doctoral student Leser
Sam Fairman Doctoral student Koch, C. T.
Mohsen Fattahi Master student Bojdys
Patrick Federmann Doctoral student Limberg
Marco Flores Doctoral student Kramer
Nicolas  Fratzscher Master student List-Kratochvil
Lennart Frohloff Doctoral student Koch, N.
Julian Frost Master student Dumele
Emil Fuhry Doctoral student Balasubramanian
Simon Gabaj Master student Draxl
Michele Galli Doctoral student Malek
Samuele Garda Doctoral student Leser
Fabian Gärisch Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Christos Gatsios Doctoral student Koch, N.
Oliver Gerull Master student Benson
Mohammad Fardin Gholami Doctoral student Rabe
Lukas Gierster PostDoc Stähler
Alok Gokhale Doctoral student Schröder
Esteban Gomez Lopez Doctoral student Benson
Ignacio Gonzalez Oliva Doctoral student Draxl
Max Gottwald Doctoral student Staudacher
Niklas Grabicki Doctoral student Dumele
Tobias Grosser Doctoral student Balasubramanian
Sarah Grützmacher Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Juan Pablo Guerrero Felipe Master student Cocchi
Michele Guerrini PostDoc Cocchi
Sinan Gündoğdu PostDoc Schröder
Benedikt Haas PostDoc Koch, C. T.
Maurice Haffner Master student Koch, C. T.
Thomas Häffner PostDoc Benson
Hanen Hamdi PostDoc Cocchi
Joscha Hanel Master student Benson
Charlotte Hartmann Doctoral student Limberg
Guangyu He Master student Koch, C. T.
Maya Heine Doctoral student Stähler
Michael Hengge Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Pablo Hernández López Doctoral student Heeg
Franziska Herrmann Master Student Schröder
Max Heyl Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Marcus Hilbrich PostDoc Leser
Manoar Hossain PostDoc Draxl
Han-Yu Hou Doctoral student Limberg
Axel Hübner Doctoral student Draxl
Khalil Idiab Doctoral student Staudacher
Sumaya Ifland Doctoral student Rabe
Svante Ihrig Doctoral student Hecht
Georgios Itsios PostDoc Malek
Matheus Jacobs Doctoral student Cocchi
Gustav Uhre Jakobsen Doctoral student Plefka
Wang Jiao Doctoral student Pinna
Mike Johannes Doctoral student Benson
Grégoire Josse PostDoc Malek
Estelle Jozwiak Doctoral student Pinna
Robert Jungnickel Doctoral student Balasubramanian
Christoph Jurissek Doctoral student Hecht
Moritz Kade Doctoral student Staudacher
Maximilian Kähler Master student Schröder
Marco Kapitzke Doctoral student Stähler
Svetlana Karbysheva PostDoc Balasubramanian
Paul Kaufmann Doctoral student Ramelow
James Kennington Master Student Cocchi
Günther Kewes PostDoc Benson
Rob Klabbers PostDoc Staudacher
Kristin Klaue Doctoral student Hecht
René Pascal Klausen Doctoral student Kreimer
Hannah Kleine Master student Draxl
Kristin Knebel Master student List-Kratochvil
Raphael Kopp Master student Plefka
Konstantin Krause Doctoral student Limberg
Tim Kroh  Doctoral student Benson
Jannis Krumland Doctoral student Cocchi
Martin Kuban Doctoral student Draxl
Manish Kumar PostDoc Draxl
Inna Kviatkovsky Doctoral student Ramelow
Caroline Lau Doctoral student Limberg
Dennis Le Plat Doctoral student Staudacher
Johannes Lechner Doctoral student Heeg
Fabian Lehmann Doctoral student Leser
Guiping Li Doctoral student Bojdys
Jinzhao Li Doctoral student Unger
Pauline Liesfeld Doctoral student Hecht
Hu Lin Doctoral student Rabe
Nicolas Linale Doctoral student Ramelow
Lara Lindloge Doctoral student Benson
Konstantin Lion Doctoral student Draxl
Wenkai Liu Master Student List-Kratochvil
Ye Liu Doctoral student Pinna
Nikolaos Livakas Doctoral student Rabe
Sven Lubeck Doctoral student Draxl
Fabiana Machado Master student Cocchi
Felix Mann Doctoral student Ramelow
Jonas Marschner Master student Plefka
Natalia  Maticiuc  PostDoc Unger
Benedikt Maurer Doctoral student Draxl
Dhruti Mavani Master student Cocchi
Jacob Mayer Master student List-Kratochvil
Tim Meier Doctoral student Staudacher
Tino Meisel Doctoral student Benson
Hala Memmi Doctoral student Benson
Zhao Meng Doctoral student Koch, C. T.
Dachi Meurmishvili Master student Hohm
Enrico  Michael Master Student Schröder
Gustav Mogull PostDoc Plefka
Subhadra Mohapatra Doctoral student Stähler
José Monroy Gómez Doctoral student Dumele
Juliane Mörsel Master student Draxl
Max Muehlbauer Doctoral student Kreimer
Johannes Müller Doctoral student Koch, C. T.
Mira Müller Master student Dumele
Jannes Münchmeyer Doctoral student Leser
Edgar Nandayapa PostDoc List-Kratochvil
Hampus Näsström Doctoral student Unger
Hannah Nerl PostDoc Koch, C. T.
Tilmann Neubert PostDoc Balasubramanian
Ngoc Trung Nguyen Master student Cocchi
Niko Nikolay Doctoral student Benson
Laura Orphal-Kobin Doctoral student Schröder
Raik Otto PostDoc Leser
Anil  Palaci Master Student Schröder
Samuel Palato PostDoc Stähler
Sebastian Pallasch Doctoral student Dumele
Gopinath Paramasivam Doctoral student Unger
Sayan Paul Doctoral student Limberg
Thomas Pekin PostDoc Koch, C. T.
Gari Yamel Peralta Alvarez Doctoral student Kramer
Felipe Perona PostDoc Schröder
Fabian Peschel Doctoral student Draxl
Adam Petrik Master student Dumele
Giulia Peveri Doctoral student Forini
Gregor Pieplow PostDoc Schröder
Allison Pinto Doctoral student Hohm
Marlon Placke Doctoral student Ramelow
Tommaso Pregnolato PostDoc Schröder
David Prinz Doctoral student Kreimer
Nakib Haider Protik PostDoc Draxl
Siavash Qodratipour Doctoral student Benson
Jannek Räder Master student Cocchi
Muhammad Sufyan Ramzan PostDoc Cocchi
H. M. Hamid Raza Doctoral student Pinna
Timo Reents Master student Cocchi
Carolin Rehermann PostDoc Unger
Lea Marlen Rektorschek Master Student Schröder
Bita Rezania PostDoc Rabe
Seon-Young Rhim Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Santiago Rigamonti PostDoc Draxl
Dominik Ritter Master student Benson
Ronaldo Rodrigues Pela PostDoc Draxl
Florian Römpp Doctoral student Hecht
Maleik Ross Master student Cocchi
Martin Rothe Doctoral student Benson
Steffen Rühl Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Patricia Russo PostDoc Pinna
Eleni Sachs Doctoral student Hecht
Sergey Sadofev PostDoc Koch, N.
Nikola Sadzak Doctoral student Benson
Carlos Sánchez Gutiérrez Doctoral student Dumele
Mario Sänger Doctoral student Leser
Holger-Dietrich Saßnick Doctoral student Cocchi
Benjamin Sauer Master student Plefka
Patrick Schäfer PostDoc Leser
Maximilian Schebek Doctoral student Draxl
Tobias Scherdin Master student Staudacher
Richard Schier Doctoral student Cocchi
Joël Schlecht Master student Dumele
Marcel Schloz Doctoral student Koch, C. T.
Marco Schmidt PostDoc Benson
Vincent Schröder Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Thorsten Schultz PostDoc Koch, N.
Freerk Schütt Master Student Cocchi
Philipp Schwendke Doctoral student Stähler
Sherjeel Shabih Master student Koch, C. T.
Chengxu Shen Doctoral student Pinna
Canxin Shi Doctoral student Plefka
Dongguen Shin PostDoc Koch, N.
Gétulio Silva e Souza Júnior Master student Heeg
Baljinder Singh Master student Cocchi
Kai Skrodczky Doctoral student Pinna
Selen Solak PostDoc List-Kratochvil
Daniel Speckhard Doctoral student Draxl
Josefine Sprachmann Doctoral student Dumele
William Staunton Doctoral student Benson
Elisa Stephan Master student Draxl
Adrian Stroth Master student Draxl
Marco Stucki Doctoral student Schröder
Boubacar Tanda Bonkano Doctoral student Stähler
Lin Tao Master student Benson
Ellen Teichmann Doctoral student Hecht
Johannes Thürigen PostDoc Kreimer
Sebastian Tillack Doctoral student Draxl
Cem Güney Torun Doctoral student Schröder
Evgenij Travkin Doctoral student Benson
Maria Troppenz PostDoc Draxl
Tim Turan Master Student Schröder
Olga Turkina Doctoral student Draxl
Kilian  Unterguggenberger  Doctoral student Schröder
Ana M. Valencia PostDoc Cocchi
Maarten van der Hoeven Doctoral student Schröder
Stefan Velja Doctoral student Cocchi
Mara Voiculescu Master student Draxl
Matthias Volk PostDoc Staudacher
Cecilia Vona Doctoral student Draxl
Tommy Wachsmuth Master student Dumele
Isabell Wachta Master student Balasubramanian
Yu Wang PostDoc Pinna
Qiang Wang Doctoral student Koch, N.
Rongbin Wang PostDoc Koch, N.
Ross Warren PostDoc Koch, N.
Peter Weber Master student Draxl
Leon Weber Doctoral student Leser
Michel Wehrhold PostDoc Balasubramanian
Kilian  Weißer Doctoral student Limberg
Claas Wieland Master student List-Kratochvil
Ewa Wierzbicka PostDoc Pinna
Jakob Wintergerst Master student Plefka
Siad Wolff Doctoral student Limberg
Jonas Wollenberg Master Student Schröder
Wenlei Xu Doctoral student Pinna
Anur Yadav PostDoc Balasubramanian
Vidya Yadav Master student Cocchi
Mao Yang PostDoc Draxl
Jiawei Yu Master student Koch, N.
Tianshu Zhai Doctoral student Koch, N.
Xiang Zhang Doctoral student Stähler
Yichi Zhang Master student Cocchi
Jun Zhang PostDoc Pinna
Wei Zhang PostDoc Pinna
Qingjun Zhu PostDoc Pinna
Yannik Zimmermann Doctoral student Staudacher
Nicolas Zorn Morales Doctoral student List-Kratochvil
Fengshuo Zu PostDoc Koch, N.